Help me how do you change comments so you dont have to approve them

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first person to answer gets a prize

A New Friend [NSFW]

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Changed up the mascot, probably for the better.

Sorry, I’m Back

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I stopped posting for almost 2 months. No real reason why, but a new post is in order.

Can’t Draw? …Figures

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Baby steps in making what you could say is “good art”.

New Blog, More Fun + Worms

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A change of pace, and a change of Wormage.

How To Become A Devilman ~ MAJON’S FUSION ~

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In this world, there are two types of people. There are people like you, who might not write comprehensive guides, and people like me, who always write comprehensive guides. Every Tuesday, actually. Humanity has longed for the answer to one big question – how can you, as a regular human, become Devilman? As a Devilman […]