How To Become A Devilman ~ MAJON’S FUSION ~

In this world, there are two types of people. There are people like you, who might not write comprehensive guides, and people like me, who always write comprehensive guides. Every Tuesday, actually. Humanity has longed for the answer to one big question – how can you, as a regular human, become Devilman?

As a Devilman myself, I must admit, it’s not one particularly easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, tears, even the guts to pull off rituals, if need be for special “Devilpieces” that make you a little more efficient, or something. I have all of these, and despite everything feeling like it went by like a blur, I’m here to deliver the secrets. Let’s start with the beginning of the day.

I woke up today against my own will, at around 2PM, I think. My mother had called me from downstairs because some mail had come – one was the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and the other was a letter from my big sister. She also sent me a frog sticker. I played a little bit of the FF7 remake, somewhat enjoyed it, but was overall left with a poor taste in my mouth at the wrecking of what was once a linear, cute story. So afterwards, I ate a caesar salad for the first time.

I’d never had a caesar salad before today, and when I ate it, I regretted not making more. As I consumed my crunchy delicacy, I continued researching on becoming a Devilman. Little did I know, but soon did I find out, eating a caesar salad was the first step in this. So, go do so. Make a caesar salad. Eat it. You’ll hopefully like it, but that’s impertinent. But, save a little bit of the lettuce. You’ll see why.

Flabbergasted, I continued researching. And I felt the need to finally break free and become a Devilman. I figured, well, I’ve done the first step, why not the rest? If I don’t do it now, I may never have the opportunity again. What would be the next step, you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple, really. Drop reason.

Yes, reason. The one thing humans truly live by – the thing that prevents devils from entering our body. You may have a reason to become a Devilman, but drop it. Erase it from your mind as of now. Good? Good. Now, you must go to an environment containing devils to interact with. They lurk in the shadows seamlessly, but there are a few places you can look. First, any local record store. Any singular one. Big-name scientists have detected at least one devil within every single one. This is because all devils tend to be musicshitters, especially enjoying the easy-listening “genre”.

Another place you can look is a local restaurant. Any restaurant that isn’t in any other territory but your own, is guaranteed to have a lurking devil within. Now that you have two places you can certainly get a devil to fuse with you in, let’s go ahead and go to one.

I personally chose to go to the record store, so I’ll recount my tale of fusing with the devil, Majon, inside of that very record store. When I first came in, I was a bit flabbergasted at the selection. Many, many, many used records – lots of them around $5 each. Along with many new, sealed CDs averaging at around $15 each, it seemed like a lovely place. I then remembered to drop my reason for fusing, and waited around a bit. My mind was 100% blank.

It took a while. At least 3 hours, precisely, I waited to fuse. I wasn’t sure who I would fuse with, as I only know a couple, but I made it a point to rest somewhere near the easy listening area. However, as I closed my eyes one last time, I could feel a deep connection. Something heavy was seeping into my body, through my chest, and I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening. I chose not to think, as I knew that if I were to think too hard, I would regain value to the devil, thus scaring him/her/them away. It was a little terrifying, admittedly.

Once I felt it was over, I blacked out. When I rose, seemingly at least 5 hours later, I knew that I had made a complete fusion with the devil. All of his memories spanned across my mind, and part of my body changed – I felt much stronger. All of my very slight skinnyfat chub had disappeared, replaced with thin but respectable muscle and ab. I flexed my arm, stretched, and could feel my bones popping as my body got adjusted to my revamped form. Through the memories of the devil, I realized that I had fused with “Majon”, one of the most powerful but overlooked devils in history.

There is little to no information on Majon. He is a mighty being, but was casted aside quickly after betraying his father, Lamore, by stealing his possessions (rations such as food, beverages, along with confidential documents on quick health-regeneration and many of his slaves)in an act of rebellious greed. I remember looking through the eyes of Majon and feeling the cold wind blow against my body as I’d soared through the side, easily carrying crates and bags and such that felt like feathers, despite containing lots of merchandise and belongings inside.

I almost felt disgusted with Majon. However, as I watched the story unfold within my mind, I realized why he’d done such a thing. He needed to build his own territory. It seemed that Majon had planned to build a sizeable, artificial island in the sky, bathed in the crimson red aura from the deep, dark sky. It was to be a thriving island. One filled with workers, yet filled with delicacies, attractions, and et cetera to make the few fellow devils who resided within it satisfied and at ease. Outside of Majon’s territory was a horrible place.

And after Majon looked over the details on many scriptures written to work as a motivation and reference, he began building his land. The name of it? Darlore Island.

After that is foggy. I don’t remember much, because it seems as if Majon repressed many of the supposedly terrible occurrences that unfolded in Darlore. Despite the straining of his memory, all I could catch a glimpse of was the thwarting of Majon’s power, and the overthrowing of his throne. Majon does not remember the name of the devil that overthrew him and ruined his estate. However, he remembers the devil looking male, huge, bulky, and intimidating. They had small glowing yellow eyes that were under large, fluffy eyebrows. All of their body was quite furry, really. They seemed almost ungroomed. Filthy. Not worth owning Darlore – but since it had gotten such a bad reputation from word of mouth, he wanted to have it for himself, forcing the citizens that couldn’t leave before he casted a large barrier around the island to work for him, seemingly only for the pleasure of knowing you have slaves at your feet.

Perhaps, Majon dreamed too big. But from the vague memories that course within my mind, I can’t say I blame him, nor do I fully disagree with his actions. Maybe that’s just his mind fusing with mine making me think that way, but I like to think I have more control over my body than he does – as of now, at least.

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