Sorry, I’m Back

As I somewhat expected, I’m not the best with maintaining a blog. I did pimp it out a little bit and my first few posts were, at least I’d say, fun to read, but not a lot happens sometimes. I figured that I might as well update now, just for fun. That’s what a blog is meant for, right?

For one, yes, I am still drawing. I don’t have much to show, but just know that I haven’t given up or anything. Maybe not figure drawing as much as I did, as shown in my last post, but work is still being done. I’ve been designing a little bit for a friend’s game (which may be spoken more about at a later date), including a character design below:

Looks a little Fire Emblem-y, but that was the point.

Of course, I won’t be showing any more. At least, not until I have confirmation that it’s available to talk about. The game is still very early in progress.

I’ve been trying a little harder with getting down construction, thus finding that it’s basically drawing humans with auto-aim. Take that however you will.

Still a WIP. Unsure if I’ll finish.

Recently, my friend whipped up the finished scanlation of the first chapter of Super-Class! Mobile Fighter G Gundam, a manga adaptation of the TV anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to find it interesting enough to continue typesetting, but I’m looking into handling the typesetting myself and releasing the next couple chapters, if not, the next couple volumes or even the entire manga. If I can, though, I’ll make sure to update my progress on this here blog.

I have also been looking into writing lately, which will definitely be posted on this blog. I’ve written a little bit of jokey, fun fanfiction and posted it here before, but an original story (or maybe just more fanfiction, it’s always fun) would be an interesting endeavor.

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  1. Cammy said,

    I need to post more writing too, I just haven’t been writing any lately :blobweary:

  2. The Justice said,

    No comments? I’m the first!

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