“Fell [sic] How Weak You Truly Are!”

Human power is limited. In fighting games, this is completely true. As far as video games go, I’d say there is almost no better show of pure humanity than inability to completely perfect your neutral movement, execution, and mindgames in a fighting game. And yet, AI exists.

Street Fighter Zero 2 goes down as one of the most well-respected and enjoyed entries in the Street Fighter series, and to most, the best in the Zero trilogy. Every universal counter was unbelievably satisfying, Custom Combos were stylish and effective, Ken and Rose got very special treatment, and then some. That being said, let’s cut the shit. The AI was busted, just like every other arcade Street Fighter experience. We’ll get a little more into that in a moment; first, let’s talk about Akuma.

Akuma has a few special traits – for one, he can throw fireballs in the air as opposed to the rest of the cast who can only throw them grounded (if they can throw one at all). He was great at overwhelming the opponent with extensive combo opportunities compared to the other Shoto fighters, Ken and Ryu, with combos that often strung together special moves as if it was a baby Custom Combo. Most of these things still ring true to future incarnations, but in the long run, Akuma is a powerful glass cannon with low health and a low stun bar that makes it easy to push his shit in once you’ve overwhelmed him. So, no, Akuma isn’t the perfect Shoto. None of them are perfect.


SVC Chaos, ripped from TFG


Increased speed, double air fireballs, much more damage, special moves with much more priority on hit than any other specials in the game, a near minuscule amount of startup and recovery frames on all of his moves, a farther and faster Raging Demon, all topped off with a horrendously bullshit AI that will “react” to your inputs near-instantly and punish with any move that happens to be faster (which just so happens to be 90% of his moveset depending on your character).

This is notoriously difficult, and popular fighters are often challenged to see if they can overcome it. Hell, even the way to get to it is hard.

According to StrategyWiki:

“To fight against Shin Akuma, player one must choose the Light Punch color while player two must choose the Light Kick color. You must fight to the boss stage without losing a round. You must win with at least three perfect victories, and you must with at least five Super Move finishes or Custom Combo finishes.”

Apparently there is a hidden way to unlock the battle instantly where you hold forward and Medium Punch then press Start, though I’m not sure when or where to do this. It might only be in the Japanese version of SFZ2, at that.

In the console releases of SFZ2, there are different, odd ways of unlocking Shin Akuma and playing as him yourself. You might get dirty looks and arguably a friendship worse than one of a group who plays Mario Party every week or so, but I’ll leave you to look for that yourself, as it’s not the focus.

Below is a funny (albeit incredibly loud) video of the legendary Floe pulling off a victory after being challenged to do it in under 50 attempts. Feel free to watch it to get a really good idea of just how bad it truly gets.

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  1. Cammy said,

    Never deny the power of an absurdly cheap fighting game character.

    Also I have FELT that man’s relief before. Fucking video games. Not even once.

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