3/21/21’s Hot Coffee Patch

Yes, I did title it that with the intent of getting people to click on what could’ve been the sickest San Andreas news of the month. That being said, I do love coffee, and I don’t wanna toot my own horn but I do have a few pro strats regarding it. Instead of making a comprehensive list, I’ll just tell you what uniform my pot will put on this morning.

I don’t quite have a name for it, so I suppose I’ll give it one now. The Usually Not My Thing (or UNMT) is a Dunkaccino-esque cup of joe where, while any coffee grounds will work, I tend to use CafĂ© Bustelo. I’m sure you’ve made hot cocoa before; it’s a staple in my grandma’s gift-giving traditions and a nice, easy beverage for when you wanna sit by the fireplace and quickly mentally age yourself a couple decades. Get yourself a packet of some Land Lakes Salted Caramel hot cocoa mix, some whipped cream, and as long as you have a spoon and something to put all of this in, you’re set.

The typical way to assemble a cup of hot cocoa from the basic store-bought powders is to put the powder into a mug and pour in about a cup or two of hot water. This isn’t too different. Pour in the hot cocoa mix as you would, and with your freshly brewed coffee, go ahead and pour some in as if it’s just regular hot water for typical hot cocoa endeavors. Then, grab that spoon and stir it up like your life depends on it. Don’t do it too hard (you don’t want it to spill, obviously), but definitely stir it for a while. About a minute and a half should suffice. Take as long as you need until you can’t see a single spec of the aforementioned powder; nothing, and I mean nothing is nastier than being able to taste and feel that solid powder while you’re drinking it.

After that, you’re essentially finished unless you’d like to go for the optional extra and dump a spoonful of whipped cream on it (or spray it on, depends on your preference). This will help cool down the drink, along with a slightly creamier taste. Keep in mind that you can use any hot cocoa mix you’d like, but I’ve found that salted caramel usually works the nicest. It just smells simply amazing when you’re pouring the coffee in.

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  1. Alex said,

    Now that’s what I call Coffee!

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