What to Expect from the KoFXV Leaks

With no confirmed release date and few reveals or announcements past individual character trailers, me and many other fighting game fans have been excited for the upcoming KoFXV. Or, if you don’t wanna be a nerd like us, you can just call it KoF15.

KoF is a fighting game series that needs no introduction. Therefore, I haven’t bothered writing one. Instead, after catching a glimpse at leaked promotional art and a screenshot, I’ll throw in my own two cents about it.

First, let’s look at the promo art:


No text, no logo, nothing except familiar faces and two newcomers. There isn’t a lot to get out of this one, and arguably even less out of the next one. but I find it interesting that Heidern, or at least what appears to be Heidern, is prominent enough in this game to be shown on the front cover alongside faces like Kyo and Iori. Having not had a prominent tale to tell in KoFXIV, I’m hard-pressed to believe that he has enough to do with the story of this game. And KoFXIV was no dream match; that game had a particularly important story, what with Ash dying, supposedly reviving (although definitely now with these leaks), and the orchestration of a temporal paradox. I won’t get into too much, but I’m excited to see if there may actually be a large footnote in the KoF story planted by one of my favorite characters.

As for the newcomers, nothing much can be said about them. It seems like the one on the bottom right has purple hand magic, which I can imagine would lead to an interesting zoning playstyle if we want to get into gameplay-specific speculations. Onto the next image, a screenshot of the game with a fan-nonfavorite:

Excuse the even lower quality with a somewhat unappealing look at Ash’s jacked up mug. Some of these models are really reminding me of the SFV beta.

This is a new, fresh design! New fluff around the neck, a left sleeve similar to his KoF World design, and the same black nails to remind you Ash is, and always will be, the most homoerotic character in the series. This could be a frame of one of his Super Desperation Moves, with the camera panning in an unfamiliar shot and the Pyrokinesis extruding from his fingertips. As I mentioned, there isn’t a lot to say. His new design does look appealing though, and as KoFXIV almost confirmed: yes, Ash has been revived.

Onto something that I mentioned an upset with at the beginning of this post: a release date. We actually have one! …Kinda. Leakers didn’t state the exact date, as there isn’t one to begin with (the game has been delayed after all), but we can be expecting a release somewhere around February. With Elden Ring coming out and probably preparing to consume my life come January, I hope I’ll still have enough time to sink into this new title. The character reveals have been looking excellent, and as a side-note, with Baiken coming into Samurai Shodown, I wouldn’t be surprised if ArcSys decided to sink their teeth even further into SNK and throw a character like Ky Kiske or Sol Badguy into KoF, too. Certainly, anything is looking better than SFV’s new blonde white guy.

…Is it still hip to shit on SFV?

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  1. Cammy said,

    Ash looks like a girl in that shot ngl

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