The Third Street Lament

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Saints Row. It’s a series that needs no introduction, and so I haven’t bothered writing one. After the release of Saints Row 3 (fuck calling it The Third), if you were following the series at all, you and a lot of other people were likely pretty upset with the sudden shift of tone. You were no longer the psychopathic Boss who manipulated his foes like in SR2, nor were you the lackey who made a name for himself in SR1. The tone of the game followed the characters; hardly much substance, much more chaos. What gives was likely Volition getting enamored with the success they found in being a “B-game” of sorts, the perfect blend between action and attachment that just wasn’t given enough dedication.

Fun fact: the last cutscene of SR1, planned not to be a cliffhanger but rather a nicely wrapped ending that even showed off some twists that had been foreshadowed throughout the entire game, was rushed and shat out because some motion capture chumps were too lazy to record a running animation. I won’t go into detail as to avoid spoilers, but the reason we’re never getting another serious action gangster game like SR2 might just be because we barely got one in the first place.

So, why am I talking about this? Reboot. Yes, some of that wanting a few of us wanted is finally true: Saints Row is getting a reboot and, maybe if we’re lucky, a bit of it will get shown off at the Gamescom coming up on the 25th. Tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re finally getting an actual look at a new, mainline and maybe even numbered game in the Saints Row series for the first time since the lazy expansion Gat out of Hell that High Voltage shat out to end the series timeline early 2015 while Volition decided they hated having money with the way they marketed Agents of Mayhem.

Expect another post tomorrow where I’ll comment on it. Right now, we don’t have much to go off of on the general tone besides the brick wall getting sprayed over every day on the official site. Pretty nifty hype-building, and you know what? A brick wall getting tagged (a SR1 and 2 only feature, by the way) is the exact Saints Row I know and love. Or…maybe there are brick walls in space and the Third Street Saints moved to Mars and their goal is to tag every single brick wall flying around the cosmos that they possibly can. But besides that, this is one of the most appealing walls I’ve ever seen. Definitely top 10 as far as video game wall teasers goes.

Here’s my final cope: please have interesting cities, please don’t babify fan favorite characters, please just delete everybody introduced after SR2, and in general, pick up where SR2 left off. A reboot is a reboot, and in my eyes, the SR1-4 timeline that ended 6 years ago is fine enough. If I get what I want, this reboot should prove to be a neat path of the split road potentially created after the events of SR2.

An SR1 remaster would be nice too, by the way. Even though it’s janky as fuck.

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