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Today I was going to write about the release of the Tsukihime remake, but instead of writing about something I can’t even play yet due to Nasu’s neverending autism along with the fact that we likely won’t be getting an English translation until years down the line when a fan group steps up, I decided I should talk a bit about the site. That being said, expect a Tsukihime-related post soon.

Sometime in October of last year, my computer started bluescreening and dying rapidly. To cut a long story short, I don’t have it anymore or anything on it. As far as I’m aware, I was unable to back any of it up, and that included my site backup that contained all the templates that I used with AutoSite among other necessary things. I shouldn’t have to tell you how much of a hindrance that is in a time where I’d really, really like to make a couple changes. So, instead of backwards engineering and recreating those templates and all that other shit, I figured I have enough reason beyond that to just redesign the site…again. It likely won’t look too different, but it’ll be a little more gutted. I originally planned to update it a lot more than I actually ended up needing to do, especially considering the simple existence of this blog alone.

I won’t put jarring construction.gif garbage everywhere since I’m way past that now, but don’t expect any content updates to that section of sushikaiser until I get a new design up and running. I used to suck ass at backing up my artwork so a lot of the pre-2019 stuff is long gone, but now I’m good at it. Hopefully I can say the same about my future web design endeavors. You never realize how much you need it until you lose it, folks.

Around the same time I started updating this blog again, I came back to Status, my current social media platform of choice. Although considering the other sites with that dreadful “social media” title attached, it feels a little disrespectful to Status. The thing about social media is that I have this issue with using it how it’s “supposed to be used,” or at least, how the big names want you to use it. Big names will tell you to tell everyone…what’s happening? How have you been? All this shit that makes you think everyone gives a fuck. While the community is tight-knit enough for almost every post to get at least acknowledged, my brain just isn’t wired like that. I needed a routine, something I could “challenge” myself with whenever I post. That’s where the 200 character limit comes in, and where my music backlog becomes useful.

If you check my profile or have been keeping up with the home page on Status, you’ll see a bunch of little reviews of whatever I listened to for the day. Not that I’m going to write a mini-review for every record I listen to, or that I’m even going to write one every day, but I felt a little inspired by the 200 character limit that stuck out to me when I first started writing on Status. Limitation breeds creativity and all that other cliche (although true) shit. I’ll still write full reviews, the same 2 paragraph style I borrowed and have been using for years, here along with mirrors on my fairly active RateYourMusic page.

With all that being said, all I can say is expect more content. Expect more belligerent video game rants, expect reviews, expect everything you might’ve expected from me a year or two ago. I usually try not to talk about my embarrassing inactivity, but sometimes I need to go out and take a smoke break. Funny how all my favorite creators seem to do the same. Maybe this would’ve been a more fitting Jukebox entry?

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