Every now and again for just a weekend I like to stay over with family. It’s a very normal thing, I assume…though maybe that’s overestimating blog fans.

I jest. Love you all.

This time, while over at my Grandma’s, I was invited over to a nice piece of property owned by her sister where she keeps chickens, goats, cows, and then some. I’d never been, but let’s cut straight to the photos; there isn’t much interesting to bring up.

The third one is the only one with actual value as far as photography goes, but I like them all. Photography, as of late, is definitely becoming a noteworthy interest of mine. It’s hard not to take pictures when you see all these babies.

They’re all very, very newborn (aside from the mothers, obviously). They love being picked up, they’re very cuddly, I could go on and on. You’d have to be there to believe it, unless you’ve had baby goats before! Super cute and I’d love to come back. The mothers were very sweet too.

Before I came over to my grandma’s, I went to the Cheese Festival for a grand total of maybe 10 minutes due to the extreme pouring rain. They didn’t have any cheese, but I did get two neat little trinkets.

Excuse the surrounding mess. On the left is a little chalkboard thing that’ll likely just be for doodling and reminders, but the Pepsi bottle is a 1976 glass with Kentucky labels. It’s got a cute map of interests of Kentucky on the back and, well, I can’t pass by a cool looking 50ยข bottle without checking it out. They were having a half-off discount, so my luck got me these two little decoration pieces for about $6.50. Pretty sweet. Time to find some chalk, I guess.

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