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Long live the Fergiseud
2017 - forever and ever
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Sick of this already? Well, fair enough. Here're some other places you might like.

Please note that this page is bound to change as I find more stuff.


Somnolescent - Perpetually drowsy yet quite busy art collective.
Lands of Games - Simple but quirky games, art, and music created by the halusky-addicted Juraj Kusenda.
Super Durdge-o Land - Amateur game dev, artist, and #1 Clickteam Fusion advocate.
Asteroid2k - Semi-neutered site, focused on vulgar bait threads and customer support trolling.
Catface - Artist, musician, archiving machine, the works. Site doesn't work properly as of now, but there is a handful of stuff within the files.
Liquid Pig Studios - One man game development studio. Currently working on the game to end all games, League of Piss II.


Avatar Cropper - Avatar cropper? Avatar cropper. I use this site religiously.
Nu-HTML Checker - Tool used to scan for deprecated tags and such in your HTML.
HexChat - My IRC client of choice.
AutoSite - Static website template engine. Made working with a sidebar 100x easier.
Grafx2 - Paint program inspired by Amiga programs Deluxe Paint and Brilliance.


KubusForever - Mirror of Kimberly Kubus's website, home to most of his publicly released games, art, and music.
Revenge Of The Sunfish - Official website for the game "Revenge Of The Sunfish" by Jinxtengu, but works more like an archive of all his games. Used to have a bunch of random stuff, but has recently been neutered to only show his games.
Nectarine - Internet radio station focused on demoscene music.