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Talkshow Boy Archive

From, roughly, 2003 to 2007, Adrian Trajstman started uploading harsh bedroom pop music under the name "Talkshow Boy". 3 albums, 1 EP, 1 single, and a collection of remixes of one of his songs, Ice Police.

Though Trajstman held a few small concerts and put out anything he could, he never truly made it big with Talkshow Boy. While this is unfortunate, the main issue is the lack of all of his music being in one good place. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Along with all the music, I left a few links at the bottom. Check them out if you're interested.


Pocketclock - The record label Trajstman signed with. Has a little bit of his music.
FreeMusicArchive Archive - Profile containing some music and info.
Talkshow Boy Bandcamp - Bandcamp page that doesn't actually contain Talkshow Boy stuff, but rather, Trajstman's other work.
Talkshow Boy subreddit - A little dead, but worth checking out.
Talkshow Boy Top Notch Fanclub - Discord server for Talkshow Boy fans.